EVENcor C6TM Memory Foam

EVENcor C6TM Memory Foam

Look to EVENcor C6TM Memory Foam to harness the powerful combination of open-cell viscoelastic foam and the excellent thermo-regulating properties of graphite. The open cell structure allows for greatly enhanced air flow and breathability, while the integrated graphite boasts thermal conductivity that more effective than traditional foam alone. Rather than simply wicking heat away from the body, graphite-infused foam actually dissipates heat, ensuring a cool, refreshing night’s sleep. Since EVENcor C6TM also offers the all-climate benefits of our EVENcorTM product line, including consistent, plush comfort and the ability to be compressed and shipped in any temperature – even cold climates – it is a perfect choice for dissipating all of your temperature challenges and greatly increasing consumer satisfaction, from the very first night.

Manufacturer Benefits

    • Ability to fabricate at low temperatures
    • Option to compress and ship product
    • Reduced returns
    • Consistent performance

Consumer Benefits

    • Graphene-infused for enhanced cooling
    • Thermal conductivity for effective heat dissipation
    • Plush, luxurious, consistent feel under all temperature and climate changes
    • Unbeatable comfort and support plus conductive cooling
    • Evenly distributes body weight

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