EVENcor ThermaTM Memory Foam

EVENcor ThermaTM Memory Foam

Imagine the appeal of bedding components that maintain an optimal sleep temperature all night long – no cold spots, no hot spots – just blissful, uninterrupted sleep. With EVENcor ThermaTM, you can offer your customers a highly conductive, high air flow, viscoelastic foam that continually preserves the proven ideal sleep temperature of 87° to 90°F (30-32°C). This unique thermo-regulating foam efficiently absorbs heat when in contact with the body and transfers it to areas of the mattress where heat is most needed – so bodies do not overheat, while arms and legs stay warm. With the added all-climate benefits of our EVENcorTM product line, including consistent, plush comfort and the ability to be compressed and shipped in any temperature – even cold climates – EVENcor ThermaTM ensures that all temperature challenges – from your manufacturing site to their bedroom – are a thing of the past.

Manufacturer Benefits

    • Powder additive – the more you use, the stronger the thermo-regulating benefits
    • Ability to fabricate at low temperatures
    • Option to compress and ship product
    • Reduced returns
    • Consistent performance
    • Optimal for layers closest to the body

Consumer Benefits

    • Ideal sleep temperature – all night long
    • Absorbs heat away from warmer parts of the body; re-channels heat to keep extremities warm
    • High airflow – enabling superior breathability
    • Plush, luxurious, consistent feel under all temperature and climate changes
    • Premium comfort and support plus optimal cooling
    • Enhanced body weight distribution

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