EVENcorTM Memory Foam

EVENcorTM Memory Foam

First impressions count, especially when it comes to sleeping on a new mattress. In colder temperatures, traditional viscoelastic foams can stiffen – creating a poor first experience for some mattress consumers, as well as various manufacturing challenges. Fortunately, you can conquer these inconsistencies with our innovative EVENcorTM Memory Foam, which maintains its plush, comfortable feel as a viscoelastic foam in a broad range of temperatures. For consumers, this means a soft, supportive mattress that evenly distributes body weight, even in an air-conditioned bedroom or cold climates. For manufacturers, EVENcorTM offers the ability to fabricate at low temperatures, as well as the option to compress products, leading to more efficient and cost-effective shipping. Increased customer satisfaction also means fewer returns, making EVENcorTM a win-win solution for all environments.

Manufacturer Benefits

    • Ability to fabricate at low temperatures
    • Option to compress and ship product
    • Reduced returns
    • Consistent performance

Consumer Benefits

    • Plush, luxurious, consistent feel under all temperature and climate changes
    • Unbeatable comfort and support
    • Evenly distributes body weight

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