EVENcor GelPlusTM Memory Foam

EVENcor GelPlusTM Memory Foam

Micro gel beads deliver maximum cooling benefits in our EVENcor GelPlusTM  Memory Foam – an excellent choice for enhanced support and cooling in your premium bedding components. EVENcor GelPlusTM is a viscoelastic foam that contains gel beads throughout its open cells, enabling a cooler surface than its gel-infused counterparts – as well as an enhanced ability to evenly distribute body weight, resulting in maximum pressure point relief. This premium foam also offers the all-climate benefits of our EVENcorTM product line, including consistent, plush comfort and the ability to be compressed and shipped in any temperature – even cold climates – making EVENcor GelPlusTM the ideal solution when you want to offer your customers a superior combination of comfort, support and cooling.

Manufacturer Benefits

    • Ability to fabricate at low temperatures
    • Option to compress and ship product
    • Reduced returns
    • Consistent performance

Consumer Benefits

    • Micro gel beads throughout for boosted cooling experience
    • Wicks heat away from body
    • Plush, luxurious, consistent feel under all temperature and climate changes
    • Enhanced body weight distribution
    • Premium comfort and support plus enhanced cooling

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