Innovation and Technology


Innovation and Technology

Innovation is the beating heart inside our organization.

It doesn’t just live inside our labs, but is harnessed everywhere – in the development of new relationships, in the advancement of our processes, and in the transformation of ideas into tangible solutions for our customers. We experience no greater reward than when our innovations in polyurethane foam serve as the core foundation for game-changing advancements in products that touch the lives of consumers.

Our innovations and expertise push beyond the actual chemistry of our foams. What sets us apart is our extensive consumer testing and insights, which enable us to provide our customers with strategic guidance about the best applications for our solutions. Our solid understanding of consumer preferences and desires also allows us to collaborate closely with our customers on the next big breakthroughs in the industries they serve.

Like our manufacturing network, our innovation team spans the United States, and we are proud to connect the brainpower of our employees, our customers and our vendors from coast to coast to cultivate the freshest and most innovative ideas. We encourage everyone on our team to think openly and creatively to spark inspiration, and to keep our pipeline filled with extraordinary solutions that deliver unbeatable quality, comfort and durability for a wide range of applications.

Product Testing

Product testing is essential to both our corporate culture and our quality assurance program. Our vast network of testing facilities, including our R&D headquarters in Baldwyn, Mississippi, houses state-of-the art equipment, as well as a dedicated team of industry-leading experts and technicians. Our testing protocols include American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, as well as internally developed testing procedures that simulate in-situ applications. Our products undergo rigorous environmental and mechanical property testing, so that we understand exactly how it will perform in real-world applications.

Since our innovations live at the core of a huge variety of consumer products, we employ constant consumer testing to collect a widespread sampling of data to ensure that our solutions will enable our customers to deliver products with desirable performance benefits that hit the mark in the industries they serve.

From our in-house testing, to consumer testing, to a variety of third party testing (e.g. fire standards), we commit to providing our customers with proven, high-quality solutions that enable enduring comfort and unbeatable protection in a broad range of applications.