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Focused on Foam. Focused on Solutions. Focused on You.

At our core, we are a team truly amazed by polyurethane foam and the many benefits it brings to a huge spectrum of applications. From luxurious bedding materials, to premium and enduring furniture, to cutting-edge sound-proofing, polyurethane foam truly enhances lives – and we are proud to be recognized as experts in this unique and diverse technology.

For over 45 years, our innovations in foam have served as the essential core of our customers’ products – enabling surprising breakthroughs in comfort, support and quality. Together with our customers, we offer consumers around the world solutions that make a tangible difference, from mattresses that deliver the best sleep of their lives, to furniture that maintains its beauty – even in a home filled with energetic kids.

We work hard to make your life as our customer easier and better too. From a reliable, flexible supply chain that spans the country, to a talented technical support team who lives and breathes foam, to best-in-class manufacturing processes that offer the precision you need, we aim to be the best strategic partner possible.

Inside our team, you’ll find collaborators who are truly energized by our partnerships, and we operate under the belief that there are always ways to push the envelope – and to do more together.

Let’s get started!    

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