Our manufacturing philosophy is to embrace every job with the question.

“How can we do this better?” We are passionate about building the most effective manufacturing lines in the foam industry – ensuring flawless quality, on-time delivery, and the reliable supply of our broad range of technologies. Our in-line 3D cutting tools provide consistency and precision for optimum design – every product, every batch. Our operations and supply chain teams work relentlessly to ensure that our foams are made in a safe, environmentally-responsible, efficient and cost effective manner in our plants across the nation. With every action and improvement, we strive to enhance our abilities as a reliable, flexible and trusted partner for our customers.

We are proud to manufacture all of our foam products in the USA – ensuring lower shipping costs, faster deliveries, shorter lead times and higher quality. Because this commitment resonates strongly with consumers, our USA-made foams can help enhance the brand reputations of end-use products across a wide array of industries.

Inside our robust manufacturing network, we guarantee you’ll find the solutions you need, exactly where and when you need them. Your world moves quickly, and so do we.

Operational Excellence

For our team, operational excellence isn’t a methodology; it’s a mindset. We know that our customers’ needs aren’t confined to just our physical products; they also depend on us to deliver an exceptional level of quality and reliability in every aspect of our partnership. Every day, we follow – and even pioneer – the industry’s most innovative practices and technologies in operational excellence to ensure that we are the most reliable, efficient and flexible partner possible for our customers.

Inside our culture of operational excellence, you’ll find a team of well-trained problem-solvers – and, more importantly, problem-preventers! Through extensive, world-class training, we have built a team of top-notch, quick-thinking experts who apply their manufacturing expertise towards achieving challenging targets, meeting stringent specifications and aiming to surpass all customer expectations.

Our operational excellence culture is strengthened by the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, and supported by our journey to world class Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program. We are dedicated to seeking new ways to remove both scrap and waste from our processes – enabling cost savings for everyone in the value chain. Our automated fabrication, maximized production flow, high yield scheduling, and JIT inventory management ensure that our products deliver on schedule and run flawlessly on your equipment – every product, every time.